You will be charged on “Tariff A” unless you choose a longer payment term, the Tariff you are charged directly reflects the time taken to pay. All prices quoted, prior to any Fire Safe (UK) Ltd consultancy service being caried out, are based on “Tariff A”, which assumes payment is made within 7 days of receiving the invoice. 


  1. Payment within 15-30 days after receiving the Fire Safe (UK) Ltd invoice will be charged at “Tariff B” (+10% of Tariff A)
  2. Payment within 31-60 days after receiving the Fire Safe (UK) Ltd invoice will be charged at “Tariff C” (+20% of Tariff A)
  3. Payment within 61-90 days after recieving the Fire Safe (UK) Ltd invoice will be charged at “Tariff D” (+50% of Tariff A)


If you exceed the time of your planned payment Tariff you will automatically be charged at the next higher Tariff, and so on until you reach “Tariff D”. Tariff D requires payment within 90 days after the Fire Safe (UK) Ltd invoice has been received. 91 days after the Fire Safe (UK) Ltd invoice has been received you will be considered a late payment customer and as such you will be charged interest on “Tariff D” under the:


Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (amended 2002 & 2013)

This charge is 8% above the bank base rate, plus a fixed fee.


Cheque payment:

Cheques should be presented 4 working days prior to deadline to allow cleared payment to be made on time, i.e. 10, 26, 56 or 86 days after receiving your Fire Safe (UK) Ltd  Invoice according to whichever Tariff you are on.


What if I need to cancel the visit?

If you are unable to make the appointment you are asked to notify Fire Safe (UK) Ltd as soon as possible during normal business hours, i.e. Monday – Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.


The cancellation fees are as follows;

  • Cancellation with less than three clear Working Days’ notice - 100% of fees.
  • Cancellation between four and nine Working Days’ notice - 50% of fees.
  • Cancellation ten or more Working Days’ notice – no fee.