Ensuring your business premises are compliant with Fire Safety legislation is essential. Under current legislation, all places of work must now undergo a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment. This means that the onus is now on you, the business owner. 



Fire Safe (UK) Ltd will undertake an evaluation of the business premises, taking into account things like building layout, number of floors, occupancy profile, sources of fuel and stored combustible materials (to name but a few) over a three-year period. Each year the onus will be on progression. 





A Bronze Fire Safe (UK) Ltd Fire Safety Achievement Award will be issued upon completion of the first-year criteria having been met.



A Silver Fire Safe (UK) Ltd Fire Safety Achievement Award will be issued upon completion of the second-year criteria having been met

Upon successful completion of all relevant fire safety action points within your fire risk assessment report over the 36-month period your company will then be issued with a Fire Safe (UK) Ltd Gold Standard Fire Safety Certificate to demonstrate that the workplace met the required standards of fire safety. 




Fire Safe (UK) Ltd Fire Safety Certificate and completed fire risk assessments will ensure compliance with the legislation set out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


The main aim of a Fire Risk Assessment is to prevent injury and loss of life. It should identify fire hazards and people at risk, and examine means to remove or reduce the risk of fire. A written record of the assessment must be kept, reviewed and updated regularly or when deemed necessary. An emergency plan must also be recorded and adequate training provided to all employees.  


It is the responsibility of the so called ‘Responsible Person’ in the business to ensure that a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out and kept up-to-date. Although the Responsible Person can carry out the Fire Risk Assessment personally, sufficient understanding is required to do this and it is usually advisable to employ an outside contractor. This is especially recommended if the premises are complex or combustible products are stored and used there.


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