Fire Safe (UK) Ltd offer a range of Building Surveying Solutions. We provide a high quality service, which is tailored to the individual and is not focused solely on fee structures and billable hours. Just like the old adage, Fire Safe (UK) Ltd believe in putting quality before quantity.


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, solicitor or property manager, whatever your background commercial property can be a minefield with regards to maintenance costs, statutory regulation compliance, dilapidation liabilities etc. and these unforeseen costs could affect a businesses profit.


Whether you are purchasing a new or second hand house, building a new house or refurnishing and/or extending your existing home, we as fire surveyors can provide you with expert advice tailored to suit your particular needs.


Are you worried about a specific defect with your property such as breaches of compartmentation, faulty or wrongly installed passive fire safety measures, holes in blockwork or services placed through party walls?


If so then one of our expert fire surveyors (who will be specifically trained in the subjects of fire pathology and construction technology) can inspect your property and discover faulty passive fire safety measures and recommend a solution in the form of a comprehensive report.




Fire Safety Surveys

A fire safety survey is a detailed and methodical examination of a company's premises, and the activities it carries out there, to determine ways in which the threat from the fire can be minimised. Until recently they would be performed by the Fire Brigade, who then issued fire safety certificates to show one had been conducted. However, this arrangement has since been changed, and it is now the responsibility of all businesses to show that the risks of fire have been minimised, and that appropriate escape plans are in place, for people on their premises.

Conducting a Fire Safety Survey

Any company undertaking a fire safety survey has to appoint a 'competent person' to carry it out. This could simply be the manager, an employee who's received the appropriate training, or someone belonging to a third-party that's been brought in to do so. If the organisation having its premises surveyed employs five or more people (or is licensed) than three things need to be recorded in case of inspection - its significant findings, the actions to be taken which result from the assessment, and details of anyone who would be especially at risk in the event of a fire. Even firms to who this doesn't apply could find it useful to record the results, as they provide a clear blueprint for changes that need to be made going forward.


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